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Music is LIFE

As you may surmise from the photo below, Tim has been known to entertain folks over the years. Sometimes at kindergarten functions, and sometimes at senior living centers, wherever the need, wherever there are people who enjoy singing and having a good time, Tim may be found.

When his own dear mother was a long-term resident of Chicora Medical Center, the Activities Director said she had heard that Tim was a singer of sorts, and asked if he'd like to entertain the folks there. Well, Tim had been singing in churches since he was about 12, and then had done a stint as the leader of the Silver Lake Band - one of the finest modern country bands working around western PA in the early 80's. However, he had never tried something like this! Well, he quickly learned a bunch of songs from the WWII era, and printed up some song sheet handouts, and the rest is basically history. Or is it his story? Either way, he's still doing it, and having a great time entertaining himself and others.


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